Ancient Facts about Greece

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.’’ –Pericles Here are the 9 legendary facts about Greece that you don’t know!


1.”Not worth his salt”

Long ago Romans and Ancient Greeks used to buy slaves and women by giving salt. That’s why “Not worth his salt’’ phrase became popular.

2.Red Lips

Early in Greek empire there’s what they called “Lady of the Night.” According to their law, any lady who was engaged in that profession who appeared in public without their approved lip polish and other make-up could be prosecuted for posing improperly as non-workers.

3. Throwing an apple means!

In the past, Greeks do not easily get mad if someone throws you an apple, because that doesn’t mean they hate or they don’t like you, in fact it’s the contrary. When someone throws an apple to you then that’s a declaration of love. Best instance is that they used that gesture as marriage proposal.

4. Mighty Sparta

Ancient Athenian boys experienced a lot at an early age. Mothers are required to send their sons as early as 7 to be trained as soldiers. Soldiers will pick the children up from their own homes and put them in a dormitory for training. Only after their military service they can go back to their own homes and start building a life for themselves.

Can you take a guess at what the age they finish military service?

30 years Old! That’s why they have the best warriors during those times.

5. Planets orbit the sun!

Have you heard about Aristarchus an astronomer and a mathematician born in Samos? If not then let it be known that he is the first man who presented heliocentric model in the 3rd century B.C. A theory that the planets orbit around the sun. Big deal!

6. Shake on it!

A handshake is a universal gesture. Using the right hand is generally considered polite behavior, this tradition was established at least as far back as the Ancient Greeks. It was said that Hera (goddess of marriage) shakes hand with Athena (goddess of wisdom) to show respect.

7. Greece is where democracy was born

The very first democratic government in our history is the Ancient Greek democracy and it was lasted for 180+ years before it turned into tyrannical rule.

8. Boustrophedon text

Have you heard about bi-directionally manuscripts? It means that one line is written from right to left and the following line is written from left right, sounds confusing right? To make it more confusing, the lines are also mirrored from one line to another! This form of writing is common to ancient Greece and you can still see this inscription on a wall in Agora at Gortyn, Crete, Greece.


9. The Leadership Diet!

Did you know that in Ancient Greece, men with potbellies were thought to be exceptional leaders? If you are a person who loves to watch Ancient Greek movies you can observe that majority of the leaders have potbellies. We’re not quite sure though if this is because leaders sit all day long and drink beers. Any thoughts?


These ancient facts show us that this country is rich in history and can be explored with endless discoveries. This is why we like Greece! It never fails to fascinate us and feed our curious minds. No wonder why it’s one of the top 20 tourist destinations worldwide.


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