El Nido is an island province in the northernmost part of Palawan. The island is home to smaller islands and islets which hosts both the alluring sea wonders and fascinating green formations. It has limestone cliffs, white sand beaches and forests to which some are open for exploration or relaxation. Here are the most visited wonderful beaches of El Nido. Join us as we virtually check out each one!

Hidden Beach

Marimegmeg Beach

Bacuit Bay accommodates Hidden Beach in El Nido which is a renowned beach. Its white sands, turquoise sea water, limestone cliffs, make it a perfect post-card environment but it cannot be seen from open sea. The ambiance and views of this beach make it perfect for vacation and relaxation both for the locals and the tourists. It also has its swimming area of crystal waters. Access to the beach is through walking or swimming only as its entrance length is 100 meters wide and shallow for any motor boat.

Marimegmeg beach is a picturesque seaside of 5 km from El Nido town, 10 minutes away by motorbike. Pure white sands, fantastic sunset views, beachside bars, nearby panoramic mountain views, and more keep the visitors coming in the beach.  Sea kayaking, snorkeling and riding the zipline activities are open for the beach goers. At night, there are outdoor parties and dance provided with live music by DJs. When visiting El Nido, Marimegmeg stop is a must!

Seven Commandos Beach


This secluded white sand beach is stunning the visitors with its charm of clear blue waters, coconut palm trees with limestone cliffs in the background and beach side shacks in the shores. Playing sports such as volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, beach hang outs, and even tree swings are the visitors’ favorite activities in this beach. Oh and don’t forget to sip a coconut by the resort for $1. Access to the beach is through riding the island’s boat.

Nakpan Beach


One of El Nido’s stunning beaches, Nacpan Beach is one-half of the famous ‘twin beaches’ (the other, Calitang beach). This white beach stretches for approximately 500 meters to 3 km. Visitors come here for the swim, sunbath, and even picnic experiences. Restaurants, bars and accommodations are around the area and getting to beach takes by renting a motorbike or hiring a motorcycle.

Papaya Beach


This beach is just as stunning with its white sand, clear waters and surrounding green colored cliffs. It is perfect however for those who love to explore the reefs without going too far from the shore since they are only a few feet away. Snorkeling is a must do for those who are yet to visit the beach.

Small lagoon and Big Lagoon

El Nido’s Big lagoon and small lagoon is also a must. Scenic views of dark limestone cliffs with narrow waterways make it unique. The small lagoon is accessible by swimming or kayaking. Big lagoon is a famous destination for its perfect post-card environment. Visitors who plan to explore the whole lagoon must rent the kayak. The lagoons also have its swimming area of pale turquoise waters.  For the lagoons’ preservation, island hopping boats are not allowed to go inside the Big Lagoon anymore only by kayaking or swimming from the shallow entrance can the visitors get access.

Snake Island


This pristine white sand bar beach extends from one island to another. Its name is from its sand bar snake formation and there are no snakes on the beach contrary to its name. The sand bar is visible during low tide but visitors can still stroll during the high tide. On one end, there is a resort for those who wish to stay within the day. 

When vacation and leisure will be open for everyone, don’t forget to visit these unique and stunning beaches in the Philippines. Never miss the opportunity to unwind in one of these beaches even more so if it’s not crowded! 

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