Stops to make on your Moroccan Adventure

1. Meknes


Regardless of its old age and the building itself, Meknes is still one of the best places to visit in Morocco. When you are here you can explore the major historical sites like Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Dar Jamai and Roman ruins of Volubilis. The excitement doesn’t stop there, you can also take a day trip to the hilltop pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss, and never forget to take a picture of the magnificent Bab Mansour Gate.

2. Merzouga


Before entering the wilderness of the Sahara desert you can see a small town that’s so dramatic. Here you can tick an experience off your bucket list by doing a camel safari that lasts for 1 day or less. This is the traditional way to explore the Saharan landscape of edged dunes, blue skies and the amazing desert wildlife.

Other fun activities you can do are bike tours, sand-boarding and sand-skiing.


3 Chefchaouen


A small town in a huge landscape also popular by the name “blue city”. This place is best suited for solo travellers. You can do hiking and swimming in the surrounding countryside, you may consider also to visit the tourist attraction on this place, Kasbah.

Do you know why this place is on the toplist to visit in Morocco? It’s not just because of the beauty of the city but also the beauty of hearts of the people living in this place, you are guaranteed to revel in some sweet hospitality.

4. Marrakech


There’s no doubt, shopping is the best thing to do in Morocco and Marrakech is the best place for it. Things to do here; get a wine at Kechmara or have a delicious dinner at Hotel La Maison Arabe, Visit Koutoubia Mosque their best tourist attraction, and you can also visit the Jemaa El Fna and take a walk at souks.

5. Asilah


A place for beach lovers! Located on the North Atlantic coast of the country, Moroccan people love to stay on its sandy beaches during hot summer season.

Have you ever heard about the town’s annual Arts Festival? This is where artist, musicians and even street performers come together and show their talents in front of many Moroccan vacationers. The event is part of the medina since 8th century and it runs every August.

6. Tinghir


This is a place for couples and is know by the name Crown Jewel. It is between Atlas Mountains and Sahara desert. This is different from other places in the country because Tinghir happens to be an old French Town and now turned into sprawling city entertaining tourist with splendid flower gardens and rustic narrow streets.

The best things to do here are; take a camel ride, hike to Glaoui Palace and explore Crafts Market.

7. Rabat


Rabat is the country’s capital and one of the top Morocco tourist attractions.

With so much that it offers to tourists of all ages and nationalities, you must make sure you don’t skip this place off your itinerary. For example this city has a new portion, which has wide boulevards and outdoor cafes, and the old town or medina, which has fortified walls. Board a train to Rabat Ville Train Station and hire a taxi to reach here. 

8. Ouarzazate


You’ll be thrilled  to know that few of your favourite desert movies may have taken in Morocco during their filming. 

In the town of Ouarzazate people are willing to welcome Hollywood directors since 60’s. So if you love taking unforgettable moments in your camera then this is the perfect place for you!

Ouarzazate is well served by the country’s bus network, and buses arrive at least once a day from Agadir. During your visit here never forget to visit the Cinema Museum.

Make sure you don’t skip any of these best places to visit in Morocco from your itinerary. And if you are a person who loves to eat, who loves to swim, or one that wants to play sports in the beaches, rest assured, Morocco got you! Customize your trip from us to make sure each of these Morocco sightseeing experiences truly become a delight!

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