There’s a lot that comes to your mind with regards to beautiful places in Turkey, if you are a type of traveller that loves to go out sightseeing, eat good food, discover new cultures and interact with the locals then Turkey should be on your top-list!

On the contrary, if you’re the kind of traveller who likes to lounge around beautiful resorts and like to soak in the view of the ocean and the mountains then, guess what! Turkey is also for you!

Here we’ve listed the best places to visit in Turkey suited for every traveller there is!

1. Uzongol


Over the years this place has been visited by tourists because of its natural surroundings. Settled in a wide valley between high rising mountains is the best perspective for Uzungol. The natural environment of this place; the forest, the mountains, the fog, gives us so much emotions specially at night.

This place attracted many investors who put up hotels and restaurants – because they know that this beauty will bring in people from all over the world. RDV Voyage’s advice for you to have a unique experience – book a hand-constructed wooden hotel (insert link of hotel) and be served with organic breakfast to start your day.

2. Pamukkale


May not be one of the seven wonders of the world but this natural wonder will excite you when visiting Turkey. Pamukkale is known for the mineral-rich thermal waters flowing down white travertine terraces on a nearby hillside. Interesting part also is that most people do para-gliding and hot-air balloons trip to see the different angle of this natural wonder.


3. Cappadocia


Cappadocia is an attractive area in central Turkey popular for its magical setting, the caves that were once inhabited by the humans beneath the overhanging rocks or cliff, exceptional rock formations, and as you might have already heared – there are tons of hot air balloons that fly up in the sky to see the beautiful sunrise each morning.


4. Oludeniz


Also known as butterfly valley, one of the most visited spot in Turkey and the most scenic part. The stunning views, the lovely crystal clear blue sea, some great bars and local restaurants and cafes. You can laze around in a hammock while watching the sunset or you can have sun beds and parasols costing 10lire each.


5. Hagia Sophia

This exciting historical place will make you love Turkey! So many important things that happened here so you’d better have a tour guide to fully understand the elegance and history of this place. Ayasofya is known for its attractive and prominent architectural beauty. Also, for Byzantine and for Ottoman this monument is very important to them standing for around 1500 years, still one of the most outstanding monuments in Istanbul.

6.Basilica Cistern


Did you know Basilica Cistern is the largest of hundreds ancient cisterns beneath the city that provided a water filtration system for the buildings nearby? The pillars and the whole buildings are something you can say the true Roman Engineering wonders of the world that makes it a extraordinary place to visit in Istanbul.

When you talk about top destinations Turkey is always at the top list and we believe that in 2020 still be at the list. Plan your trip on RDV Voyage to experience your tailored trip here in these places.

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