Filled with luxuriant forests, wondrous lakes, and surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Baltic Sea, Finland is perhaps the most underrated country in Europe. This home of Santa Claus also boasts of majestic and breathtaking natural wonders like snow-capped mountains, lush green pine trees, and thrilling ski slopes. Moreover, with its quaint villages and towns, Finland is surely the perfect destination for anyone looking to fulfill their childhood dream of a winter

Here are some of the many activities to enjoy in Finland:

1. Visit at Santa Claus Village

Located just about 2km from Rovaniemi airport, Santa Claus Village is definitely a must-see. Fulfill your childhood wishes by seeing up close and personal Santa Claus and his elves at the Elf School, and take a ride on Santa’s sleigh. Gingerbread cookie making, calligraphy classes, and loads of other rides and activities await you at Santa Claus Village.

You can even write a letter to your friends and relatives from the Santa Claus Main Post Office, where your emails and cards will be stamped with the unique Arctic Circle postmark!

A visit to this village will awaken the child in you by experiencing the joy of Christmas. This is truly a magical place for the young and old alike!

2. Skiing in Lapland

One of the best things to do in Finland is to go skiing. Skiing is not just reserved for the adrenaline-junkies, but it’s for everyone. Even children and absolute beginners can totally learn to ski and enjoy the thrill of sliding down ski slopes.

This is also the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the stunning unspoiled snow-covered landscape, spending your day on the slopes!

3. Ride a Husky Sledge in Lapland

Riders must be at least 15 years old.

One cannot miss riding a husky sledge in Lapland. This adventure is definitely a great way to enjoy the landscapes of Lapland. Feel the cool winter breeze brush against your cheeks as you enjoy the beauty of Finland. And besides, who wouldn’t love being on a sledge driven by adorable huskies?

Also, always remember to dress accordingly: warm layers of clothing, winter hats, gloves and overalls or winter jacket & trousers are a must! Don’t forget the proper winter boots as well, and warm wool socks underneath.

4. Experience Finnish Sauna Culture in Helsinki

Finland- The Homeland Of Sauna.

Never leave Finland without getting a sauna because, you guessed it right, the Finnish invented the sauna. In fact, it’s the only Finnish word that made its way to everyday English. Relax just like how the Finns do it, and clear your mind and body of toxins and stress. A perfect way to unwind after all the winter adventure.

What is the sauna? Basically, it is a heated room with hot stones where you pour water on to create steam.

In addition to the relaxation it brings, it also helps in removing toxins from your body, makes your skin look fresh thus making you look younger and can help you lose weight!

5. Ice fishing Safaris in Lapland

They say there are many fish in the sea, but have you ever tried looking for fish beneath the ice? Ice-fishing should be next on your to-do list in Finland. Walk on frozen lakes and enjoy fishing in winter like the locals. Ice-fishing is one of Finland’s winter traditions.

Travel to a beautiful frozen lake for an authentic Finland ice fishing experience- Lapland style. Lounge in wide open mid-lake areas or bay heads and enjoy the peace of nature and mind with the solitude of a frozen lake.

The momentous part is that you’re surrounded by the peaceful and breathtaking natural environment and wilderness, here you can enjoy the true essence of winter fishing.

6. Visit Snow Castle of Kemi

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go on top of an ice castle and belt-out Let It Go like Elsa? Well this is definitely the place where you can fulfill your Frozen dreams. The coolest place to visit in Finland is the Snow Castle of Kemi, the biggest snow castle in the world! Enjoy the snow sculpture and architecture that adorn the castle. Did you know, you can also sleep on top of an ice bed at night in the Snow Castle?

On your visit you can enjoy the snow sculpture that adorn of the rooms of the Snow Castle, enjoying the deep quiet while sitting on the bench, admiring the snow-and-ice sculptured architecture of the Chapel.

Likewise, children and anyone may experience the delight and excitement of the two original snow-mascots Arttu and Terttfu.

This impressive icy castle is built every winter for over 20 years.

Make sure to see it for yourself before it melts.

7. Spend your night by the splendid Glass Igloos at Levi

A visit to FInland wouldn’t be complete without spending a night in the Glass Igloos of Levi. Enjoy the beautiful night sky as you cozy up in your room at the glass igloos. Igloos may look small but they provide a spacious interior with high-level amenities. Definitely the best way to admire winter artic sky.

Enjoy the open skies, adorned with clouds, stars, and magical northern lights, from the warmth of your room. Bask in the beautiful landscape spreading unobstructed before your eyes until you drift off to sleep in a luxurious warm bed.

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