Nothing is more than good news to everyone who would to visit Korea than knowing they are open again for international tourists. From the k-pop hype, k-dramas, kimchi, soju, korean skincare, the tech-giant Samsung, Hyundai, and so much more, the country has become a global sensation for the past years. After two years of closing the borders, everyone can’t wait to visit their favorite k-pop idols, go to filming locations of k-drama, attend e-sports, do a food trip and shopping spree. There are just a number of things to be aware of when visiting the said country. Follow through the list to be prepared in visiting South Korea!

Korea is one of the Safest Countries

One of the perks of traveling to Korea is that the country is ranked as one of the world’s safest countries for years. The country’s low crime rate is almost on par with Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore and it is also lower than the US. Travelers won’t have to be worried to walk around at night even at larger cities.

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Transportation is Cheap and Efficient

When planning trips, public transportation is often not the first choice. Getting around Seoul might be a challenge and this is where public transportation comes in. The good news is, subway rides only costs $1.2 for the first 10 km using T-money cards. Taxis are also cheap with $3 only in fare which is a steal if you travel as a small group!

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Prepare to walk a lot

Koreans love walking. They prefer to walk to their destinations compared to using public transport and they lead an active lifestyle. This is why Korean women don’t gain much weight even when they are of age.

Koreans love Hiking

Koreans love to walk and this extends to their love of hiking. Over the past years, hiking is more than just a weekend activity, it has become an identity! There is an estimate that 1 in every 3 Koreans had gone hiking more than once a month. The country is mountainous, giving them more opportunity to be fit and at the same time, explore their hilly backyards. It is also the occasion to showcase their luxury hiking gears and bond with food and good drinks.

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 No Tipping in South Korea

Tipping is not exactly welcomed when you dine in their food establishments. If you do, it will be refused. You may tip to western-style restaurants in Korea but not a Korean restaurant.

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Koreans are particular with Tradition and Formality

Koreans follow their traditions thoroughly. Some of the famous ones are ‘handpicking one’s own destiny’ , ‘chestnut throwing and giving piggyback rides’ during weddings. They are also particular with formality and manners such as putting your seniors ahead in terms of drinking and eating. No one must start eating unless the oldest do so. Another one is using formal language to speak with everyone unless you are close with the person and they are fine with it.  

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No Personal Space

The metro’s population has over 25 million, more than half of Korea’s total! There are a total of 43,294 people per square mile and the city’s congestion rivals to that of Mexico City, New York and Shanghai! Seoul is packed with marketers, pedestrians, vendors, food stands in public places. Forget about having some space to one. Shoving and pushing is totally common and might as well get used to it while staying in the city.

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Use both hands to accept things

In Korea, gift giving is very common. The gift giver and receiver must pass the present using both hands. When receiving business cards, it must be received with both hands. Even when meeting someone for the first time or to meet your senior at work, it is best to use your hands than with one hand. It is considered rude if it’s the other way around.

Plastic Surgery is in demand

In one survey conducted in 2020 for female respondents aging from 20 to 30, a total of around ten percent of the respondents stated that they had plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is also given as a present to daughters who graduated school and there is also mother-daughter discounts offered. There is due to the belief that in order to achieve potential employment, external attractiveness is needed.  

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Their cuisine is delicious but can be extremely spicy!

Everyone probably knows that Koreans love their kimchi, which is not a main dish but it is considered as their national dish! Mind you, it is spicy but is incredibly healthy and is proven to give digestive benefits. Their cuisine’s key ingredients are rice, tofu, meat, vegetables and noodles that they love to make dishes often with chilli paste. Almost every dish is made with chilli powder and chilli paste and according to them, eating spicy food relieves stress and they feel refreshed.

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Which of the following have you encountered and is prove true? Is there any corrections in the list? Share it with us in the comments!

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