Australia was known to be one of the countries who imposed strict measures against COVID for an extended period of time compared to its neighbors. Recently, the country reopened its borders to those who are fully vaccinated without additional travel restrictions. Tourists can’t wait to visit Australia after all this time and we can’t blame them. The country is known for its Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, white sandy beaches, national parks, koalas and kangaroos, epic road trips, surfing, aboriginal culture and so much more! Here in this list is all what everyone can do to explore Australia with their hearts content!

Watch the sun set in Uluru

Uluru is a great stone monolith in the UluruKata Tjuta National Park which is a UNESCO Heritage Site in Australia’s Northern Territory. The massive red Stone Mountain stands at the height of 348 m, which is believed to be more than 600 million years old! What amazing thing one can do is watch the sun set as Uluru will be basked in its receding solar glory, giving magnificent views together with its surroundings.

Photo by Meg Jerrard

Drive the Great Ocean Road

Did you know? The Great Ocean Road is the world’s largest war memorial, with a plaque built to commemorate for the service of those who died in World War I. On the positive side, the Great Ocean Road is also famous for its ancient rainforests, surf breaks, incredible limestone cliff views and wildlife. It is also one of the world’s most spectacular coastal drives as it is hugging the coastline which gives incredible cliff views.  

Photo by Don Ranasinghe

Photo by Ariel Magno

Hike the Blue Mountains

As one of Australia’s major attraction, the Blue Mountains boasts dramatic scenery over its valleys, rainforests, canyons, steep cliffs, villages, guesthouses, walking trails, galleries and gardens! Its vast eucalyptus forests are a World Heritage Area. Part of the Blue Mountains is the Katoomba area which is home to the three sandstone formations often the Blue Mountains’ icon; the Three sisters.

Dive or Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef

Known as the world’s largest reef system, the Great Barrier Reef stretches to over 2,900 individual reefs, 900 islands totalling in 2,300 kilometers! It is located in the north-east sea of Australia. The reef’s beauty and variety in its coral and marine life collection makes it a must-go attraction in Australia where visitors can swim along with its colorful residents and discover their homes!

Photo by Laya Clode

Photo by lorilorilo

Witness a Penguin Parade in Phillip Island

Home to the world’s largest Little Penguin colony, Phillip Island has its natural park with the Phillip Island Penguin Parade as its most popular attraction. The live show would start at sunset when little penguins would waddle in the shore back to their burrows after a day of fishing.

Swim at Bondi Beach

Bondi is more than just the beautiful white sand beach with turquoise waters. It has world class restaurants, close to the Sydney CBD (east), enormous size to cater thousands of visitors and safe swimming conditions. Bondi beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world and it is one of Australia’s top attractions.

Photo by Azucena Stelzer

Cuddle with a Koala in a wildlife sanctuary

Cuddling with your spirit animal is one of the best experiences Australia can offer. Koalas are one of Australia’s animal icons and they certainly have fame in the web often because of their cute appearance and laidback nature. Head over to a wildlife sanctuary, befriend one and hold them with the help of accredited rangers!

Photo by dayamay

Cruise around the Sydney Harbour

Cruising around the Sydney Harbour is definitely a must when visiting Australia. It has more than 240 km of shoreline of unspoiled beaches, where the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House are located. There is much to do in this aquatic playground as Sydneysiders sail, swim, dive and walk around the Harbour Bridge.

Walk above the Harbour Bridge in Sydney

One of Australia’s famous landmarks is the Harbour Bridge! The bridge is dubbed as the ‘coathanger’ due to its arched design made with over 53 tonnes of steel which took eight years to build and opened in 1932. In spite of how it is known as the world’s largest steel bridge, it is lesser expensive than those with cantilever design and can carry heavier loads.

Photo by Paul Buffington

Photo by Tim Hart

Go Skiing at the Australian Alps

What’s the least known fact of the Australian Alps is that it receives more snow than the Swiss Alps. The cause is that the Alps in Australia are near the coast which receives more precipitation than the Swiss Alps which is landlocked. The region has 11 national parks and reserves which offer walking tours, cycling, skiing; horseback riding and camping anyone can opt to do!

Take a tour to Daintree Forest

Curious about Australia’s rainforest wildlife? Look no further than remarkable Daintree Rainforest! It is one of the most diverse biological ecosystems in the world, considering its size and the number of its animal species and population. Its dense forest, mountain ranges, rivers, flowing streams, gorges and waterfalls gives home to over 920 tree species and over 130 reptile species. Its top attractions are Mossman gorge, Cape Tribulation and Mt. Sorrow.

Photo by Adrimarie

Photo by Alexas_Fotos

Explore Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island as it is 122 km long and 22 km wide. Beaches, large sand formations, freshwater lakes, tropical rainforests are its top features. Anyone can do short walk trips, dip in the sea, go tubing in freshwater creeks, meet the locals and ride jet-ski. That one frequent shot of Fraser Island with a shipwreck totally gives Pirates of the Caribbean vibes and will make you feel like a pirate as you stroll along its coastline!

 Looking back above the list, Australia surely has some world record attractions, aren’t they? Which of these have you already tried? Share it with us in the comments below!

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