Your dreams of having aWinter Wonderlandcan come to true in Finnish Lapland!

Frozen lakes, beautiful wilderness, crystal clear rivers, snow-blanketed forests, reindeer sleighs, ride with a sled-dogs into the glittering sight nature and delicacy hometown of Santa Claus, this is what the Lapland can offer! (What to do in Santa’s Homeland Link)

A unique natural heritage filled with a vast realm of astounding beauty offers you the true essence of adventure and RDV Voyage is delighted to plan your Christmas holiday!  (Christmas Promo Link)

Lapland (Finnish: Lappi; Northern Sami: Sápmi; Swedish) is the largest and northernmost region of Finland it covers about 100,367 km², compared to the Mindanao second largest island in the Philippines an approximate of 97,530 km².

To make it more interesting for you, RDV Voyage has collected a list of some interesting facts about Lapland
In Lapland, the reindeer population is equal to that of humans
  • There are 200,000 reindeers; but during the summer months, the reindeer population increases to around 350,000 reindeers. This makes Lapland one of the least populated areas in Finland.
Rovaniemi is the Official Hometown of Santa Claus
  • In Rovaniemi, you can visit the city’s most famous resident, Santa Claus! The Santa Claus Village lies right on the magical Arctic Circle in Lapland since 1985.
Land of the Midnight Sun – Finland
  • Finland is home to the midnight sun, where in June and July the sun stays above the horizon, casting a white light even in the middle of the night.
  • The most iconic of Finnish phenomena, also known as the nightless night or polar day
The national animal of Finland is brown bear; also the national symbol of Finland
  • For ancient Finns, the bear was a feared yet revered and respected animal. Bears are formidable animals. Big males can weigh up to 300 kilos, and hunt large animals like deer or elk (moose) but there’s also something endearing about these huge furry creatures.
  • Finland’s vast forest is home to about estimated of 1200-1500 brown bears, but we cannot say exactly how many of them are out there in the wilderness since they avoid people.
  • In addition, the Karhunkierros or Finnish for Bear’s Round is the most popular hiking trail from Salla to Kuusamo in north-eastern Finland. The route was first marked in 1955.
Lapland is famous for berries
  • Due to the winter period, the Lapland can grow these common tasty berries such blueberries, raspberries, & cranberries
  • They’re also more rare berries like cloud berries, crow berries, arctic bramble, lingo berries, etc and they are all free to pick! It’s no surprise that berries thrive in Finland, a country with a landscape dominated by forests, lakes and fells. In fact, Lapland is known to be the home of world’s most famous and extraordinary berries.
Lapland is sparsely-inhabited
  • Only 3.6% of the Finnish population lives in Lapland. It’sknown for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and the Northern Lights.
  • Capital Rovaniemi is the gateway to the region
Indigenous people are called Sami; known in English as the Lapps or the Laplanders
  • Sami or Lapps are the native inhabitants of the Lapland. They are the original inhabitants of Northern Scandinavia and are called Lapps, but prefer to be called Samer or Sami.
  • The word “Lapp” means a patch of cloth for mending and was a name imposed on them by the people who settled on their lands. Sami refer to their land as Sami or Same.
  • The sami languages are a group of Uralic languages spoken by the Sami people in Finland, Norway, Sweden and extreme Northwestern Russia.
  • In addition, Reindeer herding is legally reserved only for Sami people in some regions of the Nordic countries due to cultural, traditional and even political reasons.
The word sauna originates in Finland
  • “Sauna” word is Finnish, the only Finnish word making it into an everyday language which has spread around the world without being translated into other languages. So, no matter where you have this purifying experience throughout the world, you can thank Finns for the name.
Lapland is famous for it’s cheese “Squeeky Chesse”
  • Leipäjuusto or known in English as Squeaky Cheese, it is the oldest and most well-known gourmet cheese in Finland.  The traditional way to serve it as slices, as a side dish with coffee.
Lapland has the oldest pine trees
  • One of the most common type of tree is the Snow pine – they can live up to 300 years. The oldest known pine tree is located in Inari. It is 529 years old & it brings various tourists to Lapland.
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