Switzerland sits at the heart of Europe and is landlocked. The country is known to be expensive and you can see why. All their commodities, services, transports, trips, and lodging are all usually at a higher rate than the neighboring countries!  In exchange with this, the country is also known as one of the world’s safest and stable countries. Travel leisure is highly encouraged and even if you go solo, safety is the least of your concerns! The country is small and it has a small population, Villages and towns were made in their glorious Swiss forms. Scroll down below as you discover their beautiful villages!


Old city Bern is Switzerland’s capital. It lies in the Aare River narrow loop. The city features medieval architecture which dates back to the 12th century. Altstadt, or ‘old town’ in German is the city’s iconic part. It has the Kuntsmuseum, the Einstein House, Clock Tower, Rosengarten, Historical Museum of Bern and more that visitors should go and see!


The beautiful old alpine town of Chur is known to have been a settlement of over 5,000 years and it is Switzerland’s oldest town. This completely car-free town is the capital of the Graubunden canton in eastern Switzerland. It has the Bundner Kunstmuseum, Ratisches Museum, Bundner Naturmuseum, Bernina Express, and Chur Bergbahnen

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Grindelwald is a small village in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. It serves as a gateway for the Jungfrau region, which is famous for the site’s skiing in winter and hiking in summer. It has also the mountain trail hiking up to the north face of the iconic Eiger mountain.

Photo by Steven He


This small village in the canton of Valais Switzerland is a cultural jewel. It is recognized as part of Switzerland’s most beautiful villages and it is picturesque as well. The village was merged with its neighboring Chandolin, Saint Jean, Ayer, Vissoie and Saint-Luc to form the municipality Anniviers. It has Moiry Glacier, The Burgher House, and Val d’Anniviers.


Interlaken is an old town in the central Switzerland. The town is built on a narrow valley stretch sandwiched between the two lakes of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. It is at this settlement that made the town open for its famous lake boat tours, skiing, hiking at mountainous trails making it a traditional resort town. Interlaken is undoubtedly one of Switzerland’s best resorts.

Photo by Alex Ghizila

Photo by Martin Suarez


Often dubbed as Switzerland’s most beautiful village, Lauterbrunnen, also a municipality in the Swiss Alps of the canton Bern, has its village features of rocky cliffs with its Staubach Falls.  The village sits in the entrance of the valley, with 72 waterfalls, the base of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains. It is also known for its convenient Jungfrau region access. Viewing the ‘top of Europe’ with the Sphinx Observatory Hall is a must do.


Montreux is a municipality of Switzerland facing the famous Lake Geneva. It is settled at the base of mountains giving it the mild microclimate, protected from the north and easterly winds. It has the 13th-century Chateau de Chillon or known as the castle chillon famous from Lord Byron’s poem of ‘The Prisoner of Chillon’, making it one of Switzerland’s best-known architectures.


The mountain resort municipality which has the nearby Toblerone mountain icon; Matterhorn, is Zermatt. It is renowned for its skiing, climbing and hiking especially at Matterhorn. The town has boutiques, restaurants, shops and hotels and it is frequently visited. It also has the Gornergrat Railway, Sunnegga, Gorner Gorge, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and more!


Sion is the capital of the canton of Valais, Switzerland. The town is known as the most sun-blessed town of Switzerland. It has two fortifications which make it all the more famous; the 13th-century Tourbillion Castle and the Valere Castle complex. Visitors can also go and sightsee Valais Art Museum, Valere Basilica and the Saint-Leonard underground lake.


Located in the canton of Bern, in the Bernese Oberland region, Spiez is both a town and municipality on the Lake Thun’s shore. Spiez Castle, Niesen, Hunegg Castle, Oberhofen Castle, and even Diemtigtal Nature Park are some of Spiez’s must-visit sites!

Stein am Rhein

North eastern of Switzerland in the canton of Schaffhausen by the west of Lake Constance lies the historic town of Stein am Rhein. It was originally a fishing village where the end of the Lake Constance becomes River Rhine. The town has half-timbered preserved houses with paint in the Rathausplantz old town. Visitors also visit the town’s St George’s Abbey, Hohenklingen Castle, Werd, Ticiland and its museums.

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