Travel in time back and forth and experience the other worldly adventures with Turkey’s impressive landscape, past empires’ heritage and activities particular to Turkey alone. Turkey is strategically located such that it has been in the top of the world’s powers several times, hundreds of years ago. The country at those times has left architectural and cultural treasures that made it what it is today. Christianity also has taken its roots two millenniums ago and you can see what follows. Scroll down as we discover more of Turkey!

Do Hot-air balloons adventure and rest at cave settlement inns.

Turkey’s hot-air balloon rides have become almost every traveler’s bucket list to-do. It is understandable as it gives impressive views while floating above the Goreme cave dwellings, giving it a fairy-tale-like scene.  The rides are in Cappadocia and are offered the whole day. After the rides, stay at the historic cave dwellings and experience the night cave stay with friends!

Photo by Lesly Juarez

Go hiking at Goreme National Park

This town in the Cappadocia region of Turkey is unique as it has its rock dwellings signature. Be it homes, churches and more. Take the walk to the nearby Goreme Park, the day after you had rested from your cave inns and see the famous “fairy chimneys”, cone shaped rock formations.

Photo by Meru Bi

Take a dip at Pamukkale

Pamukkale translates to “Cotton Castle” in Turkish and you can see why this one town is called that! Its bright sky blue color from the mineral rich thermal flowing waters of the hillside gives it names justice. What’s more, everyone can take a dip or swim at the pools and even take instagram worthy shots with its natural beauty!

Shop hard at the world’s biggest and oldest shopping district

Yes, if you love antiques, jewelry, carpets, Turkish tea and many more, shopping hard is an understatement in the Grand Bazaar. Take home souvenirs of Turkish food, spices, scents, ceramics, and ornaments. As the Grand Bazaar is enormous, just be sure to not get lost in its narrow way and go with someone who is knowledgeable in the area.

Photo by Ethan Jameson

Ride the subway and cross continents underground

Istanbul is known to be the only city in the world where it sits in two continents, Europe and Asia! Take a ride with its Istanbul metro station, pass by the Bosphorus Strait that divided the city and feel the small distance between the two continents.

Visit old holy sites from the time of the pioneers of Christian faith

Go and take a look at the oldest Christian church believed to be made by the disciple Simon Peter when he created the Grotto in Antioch, now known as Antakya, Turkey. Ephesus, the Biblical city; Hagia Sofia or Ayasofya which is 1500 years old and a former cathedral now a museum; and city of Kayseri the location of the founded Armenian Apostolic Church 1,700 years ago.

Witness the splendor of Turkey’s Mosques and Churches

Turkey has undoubtedly beautiful mosques and churches. From several hundred years back of historical religious build-ups to the change of churches to mosques and to museums, their places of worship never lost their splendor. Some are built not too long ago but they are not inferior to the older ones. Hagia Sofia, Sultanahmet,  The Armenian Apostolic Church, St Paul Orthodox Church, Bulgarian St Stephen Church and more, are worthy to visit!

Photo by Nate Hovee

Photo by Engin Yapici

Take a cruise in the Bosphorus Strait

Take a cruise in one of the world’s important maritime routes. The continental boundary waterway of Europe and Asia and the trade export route for transportation of oil of the Eurasian countries. Bosphorus Strait is just that and you can take the intercontinental views while on board.

Watch the whirling dervishes dance

The whirling dervish dance is known as the ancient Sufi dance by the Sufi groups. It is performed by rhythmic breathing with chants and to get closer to Allah. The dancers wear white robes and they rise and fall in unison, gradually getting faster. Witness this spectacular Islamic art.

Photo by klimkin

Taste Turkish cuisine

Turkish food is a definitely a must try cuisine. It is the heritage of the Ottoman and the taste of fused Armenian, Balkan, Central Asian, and other nearby cuisines. The country’s food is a melding of herbs and spices, meat with the majority of them vegetable-based. Some of their famous foods are kebabs, baklava, kofte, dolma, and pide.

Buy an evil eye bead for protection and luck

If Japan is also known for their amulets, the turks has their Evil eye, also known as Nazar. It dates back to the 6th century BCE, made with the intention to repel evil spirits and for wishing good luck. Over time, it will wear and crack but it means you’re safe because the beads have done its part. 

What do you think of the list? It certainly gives you the fairy-tale adventure feel doesn’t it? Share us in the comments below if you have tried any of activity on the above list!

What other things to do in Turkey can you recommend? Comment below!

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