Dubai is a young city but it never lacked for superlatives and it continues to grow! When the city was on its economic and infrastructure boom, world records seemed to follow the trend. Currently the city has the famous world records such as, the world’s tallest tower/building, the tallest hotel, the largest firework display, the highest tennis court and more! We compiled a list of Dubai’s world record locations which you might want to visit and, even try!

Check out the list below!

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Burj Kalifa

Photo by ZQ Lee

Yes, we start with the iconic Burj Kalifa, which is a world famous and world record holder for the tallest tower built. Architect Adrian Smith took the challenge to build the tower back in 2004. It took 6 years and it finally opened last January 2010. The tower has a whooping height of 830 m. Visitors can either dine at a fine restaurant in the floor 122 or see Dubai’s panoramic views in the observation deck floors 124 or 148.

Dubai Mall

The mall occupies over 12 million square feet, making it the world’s largest mall in total area. Resting at the base of Burj Kalifa, it has housed over 1,200 shops. Hotel suites, game centres, cinema screens, cafes and restaurants are open for visitors. It even has an Olympic-sized ice rink, SEGA game center, the Aquarium and Underwater zoo.

Dubai Fountain

This massive fountain system lies at the center of Downtown Dubai development in the man-made Burj Kalifa Lake. It is recorded to be world’s largest choreographed fountain system, reaching the height of 140m. The fountains execute a 30 minute displays of water jets, with music and lights. The fountains display run around the whole day but half hour displays are often 6 pm onwards until 11 pm. During daytime, it displays at 1 pm and 1:30 pm.


Dubai Frame

Photo by Denys Gromov


The Dubai Frame is an enormous architectural landmark located in Zabeel Park. It is unsure what the purpose of the frame is but it is dubbed as the ‘world’s largest picture frame’. Its height reaches up to 150m. Views around the structure are also panoramic with historic displays in the park visitors should check out.

Gevora Hotel

Taking the crown of the world’s tallest from JW Marriott Marquis Dubai last 2018, Gevora hotel stands at 356m high while the previous is at 355m. A close one! Gevora is a 4 star hotel and it is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, close to the city center by 4 km and only takes 5 mins to walk to the metro station.

Photo by Makalu

Miracle Garden

The garden is located in the Dubailand District. It holds the title of the world’s largest flower garden as it occupies 72,000 square meters. The garden is colorfully arranged of various English houses, structures, and displays. It’s all covered in over 50 million flowers, and 250 million plants, this even includes an entire airplane! It was opened to the public last 2013’s Valentine ’s Day.

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is not a venue but it holds the title of world’s longest driverless metro last 2012. Its two rail lines combined can reach up to 75 km. The metro being driverless and maintaining so for several years is impressive itself. Try this automated rapid train drive in the heart of Dubai! 

If you are a Dubai local or an avid Dubai traveler, what other Guiness world record locations have we missed? Post it in the comment below! Share any information if you are knowledgeable of Dubai!

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