Costa Rica is a small country in the central part of America. It is mostly known for its beaches, natural parks, biodiversity and volcanoes. Its capital, San Jose however, is famous for its pre-columbian institutions.  The country is often visited for its natural wonders and adventures. Some would also experience the Costa Rica metropolitan life by staying at the capital and nearby cities. Both tours are magnificent but we have compiled a list of facts you might want to know about Costa Rica!

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Ticos and Ticas

Native Costa Ricans call themselves as ‘ticos’ for men and ‘ticas’ for women. It comes from the Spanish diminutives, where the Spanish say small or ‘chico’, Costa Ricans make it ‘chiquitico’, identifying themselves with the diminutives.

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Uses Renewable Energy

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Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world. Since 2016, the country has generated more than 99% of the energy from renewable sources. The energy sources are hydropower, wind, geothermal energy, biomass and solar.

No Military 

Under the Spanish rule, Costa Rica’s independence was finally obtained in 1821. It joined the independent Mexican Empire but a civil war commenced in 1948 and abolished their military afterwards.  The country was reformed and an ‘army of teachers’ was created instead, paving way for education. Costa Rica has not suffered from another civil war since 1948 but the country’s literacy is one of the highest in the world.


Whale-tail-shaped Beach 

This small town of Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific coast has a sandbar beach which is shaped like a whale’s tail. The name literally translates to “Whale’s Bay”. Surprisingly, it is also a spot of whale-watching and whales generally give birth off the coasts in two seasons. Dolphins, jellyfish, manta rays and sea turtles are also found in the coast.


Nicoya Peninsula – a blue zone

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Blue zones are communities where people actively live past the age of 100. People in these communities are known to be still doing their daily livelihood past the age of the world’s life expectancy. Some of the famous blue zones are Japan’s Okinawa and California’s Loma linda. Costa Rica has its own blue zone and it is the Nicoya Peninsula.

Has protected over 25% of their land

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The country’s geographic area is made up of tropical rainforests. It has already protected more than 25% of the land in national parks, refuges, reserves, biological reserves, forest reserves as well as other conservation zones. 


Costa Rica has a massive biodiversity in proportion to its landmass. It has the 5% biodiversity while it only occupied 0.3% of the world’s landmass! Some of the species endemic to Costa Rica alone are the great tinamou, red backed squirrel monkey, golden frogs, bare-necked umbrellabirds, blennies and more.

No street addresses

In an interview from The Costa Rica news, according to the ticos, Costa Ricans back in the 40’s opposed the idea of putting streets, house names and numbers and were defiant of progress. Costa Ricans remained address-less but their government has currently worked on it. People’s giving of directions from landmarks to the destination is their only way of going to and out of the place.

Follow the sun’s rise and set

Costa Rica has a width of making it possible to watch the sun rise and in one day, if you have the courage to go through a 7 hours ride from between the coasts! You start by admiring the stunning sunrise of the Caribbean Sea, head over to the other side of the country by following the sun, and finally witness it set in the Pacific coast

What do you think? Costa Rica is unique on its own and its a must visit destination! Share in the comments below your thoughts on what you’ve learned to day!

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