Norway, a Scandinavian country is at the north-western part of Europe. The location played a role in making Norway famous for its northern lights, midnight sun and fjords. It is also known for winter sports, Vikings, folklores, tacos (they love tacos!), frozen pizza, and tesla cars. Here, we highlight places in Norway you can’t afford to miss as you get to know more of the country!


A fjord is an elongated and narrow deep sea or lake surrounded by steep cliffs. These are all created by glaciers and Norway is abundant of such fjords. Geirangerfjord is one of its iconic and beautiful fjords. It has its cascading falls and spectacular views of snowy mountain peaks.


Did you know? The City Hall of Oslo is where the Nobel Peace Prize held every year. Oslo, Norway’s capital is definitely a must visit. It also has its Frogner/Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Royal palace, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and many more to explore!


Trolls are famous in Norway. These are creatures which originated from folklores and the Norse Mythology. Norway had places named after them. One of them is the famous troll’s tongue or Trolltunga. It was believed that one cocky troll dared to face the sun with his tongue out thinking he won’t turn to stone but now we have the iconic trolltunga today!

Pulpit Rock

Wanna see what it feels like to look over the world? Go up and stand at the Preikestolen which is known as the Pulpit Rock. From the base of the Preikestolen mountain lodge, it takes at least 4 hours for the roundway trip with stops. One might as well mind their steps as the plateau has no barrier nor fence.

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Lofoten Islands

The archipelago of Lofoten is located north of the mainland of Norway by the Norwegian Sea. What make the islands worthy of visit are its charming villages, northern lights, outdoor adventures and distinctive scenery. Lofoten never falls short of hiking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, cycling, skiing and arctic surfing adventures.

Svalbard Island

Svalbard Island is north from the mainland of Norway and is halfway to the North Pole. It is the island known for having more polar bears than its settlers. Safety is not a problem however if visitors are accompanied by professional guides when leaving Longyearbyen city. What makes the island worthy to visit is its northern lights during the winter, the midnight sun in summer and its arctic wilderness. See polar bears, walruses, arctic foxes, seals and whales at the island.   


Bergen is Norway’s second largest city, located in the south-western coast.  It is known as a gateway for the country’s fjords, for its distinctive colorful architecture, museums and heritage! The city is surrounded with seven fjords and seven mountains. Floyen is the most popular and easiest mountaintop to reach by the Floibanen funicular.


As Norway’s northernmost city with at least a population of 50,000 above, Tromsø is known as the ‘gateway to the arctic’. Incredible experiences Tromsø can offer are the northern lights and the midnight sun from May to late June. Climbing Floyen Mountain, reindeer experience, wildlife and fjord cruise, fishing, exploring museums and cathedrals are some of the most popular activities.

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Not exactly a place but the Flam Railway or Flamsbana is Norway’s must ride train! It goes to and fro from Myrdal to Flam in the Aurland Municipality of Norway with a trip length of 20.2 kilometers. The ride has scenic views of the small beautiful town of Flam, deep valleys, mountainsides and waterfalls.

Norway can be more than what’s listed above but what do you think?

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