No one is exempt from the troubles brought by COVID – 19. Everyone has to stay at home, maintain social distance, practice hand washing and wear face masks, etc. These all are measures to keep us safe.

In this situation, we are given opportunities to make new hobbies, learn skills, cultivate your expertise, explore virtually, and more. Dreaming where to go after quarantine is also okay. We think of places where we should have gone before quarantine and it’s one of those little (for some, big!) regrets that we have during these times.

The beautiful nature we could have been to, unfamiliar stunning places, new adventures, and more. Philippines is home to such wonders. It is especially famous for its beaches. Here are the top picks of beaches by vloggers and everyone who love beaches!


Boracay is a tiny island famous for its beach attractions. One of it is White beach. It is located at the Station 1, the center of the island. Its pristine white sand and blue beach is perfect for summer relaxation. It is also the best place to watch world-class sunsets. Visitors can also do snorkeling; wave surfing, parasailing, fishing, Jet Ski and etc. Recently, the beach has been rehabilitated which regained its beauty and now the government has controlled the number of visitors.

Pink Beach

Great Sta. Cruz Island

Its pink coralline sand has made this beach a gem.  This beach is on Great Sta. Cruz Island which is approximately 20 minutes away from the city by boat. Anyone who plans to go to this beach must coordinate with the government of Zamboanga City since they regulate the beach’s visitors. Overnight stays are not available as there are no accommodations in the island. Visitors can also go explore mangroves and go to the beach sand bar depending upon the tides.

Bonbon Beach


This beautiful white sand bar beach is located at Romblon. It stretches from mainland Romblon to the uninhabited island named Bang-og. The beach is privately owned by a local resident but everyone is free to explore the beach and take photos while leaving footprints only. During the low tide, everyone can cross over to Bang-og Island and explore the beach there. In high tides, the sand bar is partially exposed, to which beach-goers should be wary if they plan to cross over the island. Currently there are no resorts near the beach but there are affordable accommodations from Romblon’s nearby towns.

Mahabang Buhangin Beach

Calaguas Island, Camarines

This fine powdery sand beach is located at Calaguas Island of Camarines Norte. It has clear turquoise blue water and has nearby panoramic view of splendid hills. The beach is famous for both visiting campers and backpackers. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and trekking are favorite activities of visitors in this beach. The government has also promoted this beach under eco-tourism to preserve its nature.

These beaches are beautifully unique and each has its individual charm to visitors. When visiting the Philippines after the pandemic, going to one of the beach listed above is a must!

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