The landlocked country of Switzerland sits at the heart of Europe and you would think other bodies of water shouldn’t be that abundant in the country. Strangely enough, Switzerland is small but it is blessed with impressive lakes. Over 7,000 lakes were discovered in Switzerland and some are enormous they could match seas in size! Below is a list of Switzerland’s magnificent and panoramic lakes. Discover more as you scroll down below about their lakes!

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is Switzerland’s largest body of water and it is its most famous lake. It is also the central Europe’s lake with the largest water. The lake is crescent shaped and is shared with the neighboring country, France. On the Swiss side, it is a diplomatic hub with a famous old town. France has its spa town and resort of Evian-les-Bains; where the famous Evian drinking water comes from!.

Oeschinen Lake

This scenic turquoise mountain lake is located in the Bernese Oberland, Swtizerland. It has a surface elevation of 1,578 m with a length of 1.6 km. The lake is only accessible through a gondola ride and a short hike. Visitors can do trail hikings and even fishing by the lake.

Photo by TeeFarm

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich or Zurichsee in German is located in the Zurich city’s southeast part. The lake is part of Zurich city which is often labelled as the most expensive city of the world. It boasts boating, swimming and mountain views.

Lake Lugano

The glacial lake Lugano Is located in the border between the south Switzerland and Northern Italy, of the Ticino canton. South of the ridge of the Alps, holiday resorts are in the shore of the lake. Visitors can do a refreshing lake swim and Lido in Melide offers fantastic spots for swimming.

Photo by Antonio Sessa

Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne’s name in German ‘Vierwaldstattreesee’ literally translates to ‘lake of the four forested settlements’. The lake has a complicated shape but it is known as Switzerland’s fourth biggest lake. Popular mountain excursions are offered around the lake and it also gives impressive mountain views.


The alpine lake of Riffelsee is above the town of Zermatt in Switzerland’s Valais canton. It is famous for its picturesque surrounding and its clear water reflection of the famous Matterhorn. It has a surface elevation of 2575 m and can be reached through Gornergratbahn railway station.


Blausee is in between Kandersteg and Frutigen. Although the lake is small, it is part of the Blausee nature park and it has an intense blue color. It maintains a cool temperature of 8 degrees all year round and it is supplied by the underground springs and nearby glaciers. The park and lake is a famous attraction and walking trails, restaurants, playgrounds are in the site for visitors.

Photo by H. Emre


In our previous blog, Interlaken also has its beautiful town. Interlaken means ‘between two lakes‘ and the Interlaken town is between the Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Harder Kulm Mountain gives Interlaken’s best view and this can be accessed via funicular.  

Photo by LJ Coates

Lake Thun is in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland region. Its name was from the Thun City in its northern shore and the shore is settled with towns and Romanesque churches. The region’s top attractions are Thun Castle, Schadau Park, and Spiez Castle.

Photo by Karina Peters

In the canton of Berne, Switzerland lies the Lake Brienz north of the Alps. Interlaken and Lake Thun are its neighbors. The surrounding region of the lake boasts waterfalls, mountain and ridge trails for everyone. Boat cruises and beach bathing places in the lake are also offered.

Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is a sprawling lake with its shoreline divided by Italy’s Piedmont and Lombardy and Switzerland’s Ticino canton. Visitors stay at Locarno or Ascona for the magnificent lake trip but Ascona has no train station and access is a little hard to reach.

Photo by minree


Walensee is also known as Lake Walenstadt from Walenstadt or simply Lake Walen. It is one of Switzerland’s larger lakes as it occupies parts of the country’s two cantons. By the shoreline boating, camping & hiking, and lodging are offered for visitors.


Bachalpsee is one of Switzerland’s beautiful and iconic alpine lakes. Its clear water reflects Schrekhorn and has a backdrop of green pastures and snow-capped mountains. Access is extremely easy by hiking for a few minutes to First. The known Bachalpsee hike is one of the easiest mountain trail hikes together with its rewarding views of the Jungfrau Region.


The lake of Caumasee is near Flims, in the Grisons, Switzerland. It is relatively small, fed from the underground springs and is known for its views with surrounding tall pine trees. The site also offers a swimming  and canoeing.

The number of lakes in Switzerland is overwhelming for its size. Still, it gives more charm to the country! Which of these have you been to? Share your experiences to us in the comments below! 

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