Austria is a mountainous landlocked country in the core of Europe. It is known for classical music (also as the birth country of the famous Mozart and Strauss!), the blue Danube, Austrian Alps, a giant Ferris wheel, panoramic high rides, castles, and many more! Additionally, some of them even have fun facts, giving you a new side of Austria with what you’ll learn. Scroll down as you learn places from Austria with fun facts!

Schonbrunn Palace

Fun fact: Schonbrunn Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site also has the oldest zoo in the world!

Known as Austria’s most visited tourist attraction, Schonbrunn Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was officially the main summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs from 1569 up until the 1950’s. It has overwhelmingly 1,441 rooms including the Great Gallery and Hall of Ceremonies. Today it is owned by a company of the Republic of Austria.  

Durnstein Castle

Fun fact: Richard the Lionheart was once imprisoned in Durnstein castle which is in Wachau, Austria

Wachau is a region of Austria known for its wine and fruit produce. It is a beautiful region which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Interestingly, Wachau’s Durnstein Castle from 1192 had Richard the Lionheart, England’s chivalrous medieval King imprisoned for a few months.

Photo by NickyPe

Austrian Alps

Fun fact: Approximately 60 percent of Austria is mountainous – more Alpine summits! The country also never gets very warm and snow rarely melts in the alps, making winter sports always the hype.

Austria is mountainous, categorized into alpine or sub-alpine. Wooded mountains, hills and valleys dominate the country’s area together with rivers. With this geography, mountain hikes and treks for both beginners and professional are always open. The abundance of alpine slopes makes Austria a good destination for winter activities. This includes skiing, sledging, snowshoeing, snowboarding, ski jumping and winter hiking. What’s more, Austria has been the leading nation in alpine skiing, ski jumping at various winter sports including the Winter Olympics. In 2011, the country took all the five ski jumping gold medals at the FIS Nordic World Ski Jumping Championships.





Photo by Simon


Fun fact: The country’s capital is the “World’s most Liveable city”

Vienna, Austria’s capital held the title ‘world’s most liveable city’ for two years. This title was kept as the city was super clean, has incredible food, inexpensive public transportation and rent, breathtaking old and new architecture. Other titles include ‘city of music’ and ‘city of dreams’ (particularly because it is the home of Sigmund Freud).


Fun fact: Salzburg is a historic and cultural city which is also known as Mozart’s birthplace!

Salzburg has its name derived from ‘salt castle’ from barges carrying salt back from the 8th century as a toll customary for many cities and communities on European rivers. It is known for its magnificent setting and architecture but the fame of being the birthplace of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart stands out.  


Fun fact: Hallstatt is known for their salt production which dates back to the prehistoric times

A contender for the world’s most beautiful village title, Hallstatt has its fair share of wonders from its history and its setting. Aside from their salt production, Hallstatt has their archaeological culture back in the Early Iron Age of Europe c. 800-450 B.C., linked to the Proto-Celtic and Celtic people. Their salt mines also has Europe’s oldest staircase.

Photo by dirgiS22


Fun fact: It is the world’s biggest ice cave.

The term Eisriesenwelt translates to ‘world of the ice giants’ from German. The ice cave expands for more than 42 km, which is inside the Hochkogel mountains of the Tennengebrige alps section. The cave was discovered in 1879  with its ice structures of newer phenomenon but its age dates back to between 50 and 100 million years.

The Spanish Riding School

Fun fact: The school is known as the world’s oldest riding school.

In spite of the school’s location, it was named after the Spanish horses that are still the mainstay. Today the school is dedicated to preserving the training of Lipizzaner horses and classical dressage. There are guided tours, performances, exercises and programs offered to visitors.

Mirabell Palace

Fun fact: The sound of music, a famous Oscar winning Austrian movie had its Do-Re-Mi scene shot at the gardens of Mirabell Palace.

The palace and garden is a historic building listed as cultural heritage monument and part of the Salzburg’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich had the palace built in 1606 for his beloved Salome Alt where they later on had fifteen children.

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